Enelion Stilo

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Enelion Stilo is a fully-fledged charger with a capacity of up to 22 kW. The device is equipped with a charging cable terminated with a type 2 plug. It can be hung on a hook which is a constructional element of the device. The status of the charger is indicated by LEDs on the top of the device.

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enelion Stilo

Discreet elegance, full of possibilities

By upgrading your Enelion Stilo with the Enelion Bridge, you can increase the capabilities of your charger. It becomes possible to connect to the charger to control its operation remotely, which can, for example, be used for customer service and payment acceptance.

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Enelion Stilo

If you are looking for simplicity, with all of the necessary functions, the Enelion Stilo is the ideal solution. Easy to operate, difficult to break down — these are the most important features of the Enelion Stilo for many customers.

Enelion Stilo
enelion Stilo
Enelion Stilo

The advantages of Enelion Stilo

Small charger

With great possibilities

Wide range


Dynamic balance

Power in the building

Home Power Balancing

Optionally, home power balancing can be applied.

Flat, aluminium housing

Besides the attractive looks Stilo fullfills everyday need of a charging process.

User Friendly

Friendly for the user

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