Enelion Lumina

Easy to use, convenient to install.

Modular framework allowing for a 15-minute install. Full user-control over a dedicated mobile app. Slick, minimalist looks recognized by
world-renowned design awards’ jury panels.

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Enelion Lumina

Easy to use, easy to install

Enelion's latest next-generation AC charging station is distinguished by its modular design allowing a 15-minute installation, the possibility for the user to control the charging process thanks to a dedicated mobile app, and a sophisticated, minimalist design appreciated at international design competitions.

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Enelion Lumina

Thanks to its modular design, the Lumina easily adapts to the place where you want to install it, in appearance, functions, version (e.g. with or without a cable). The installation process itself can take up to 15 minutes. In addition, the Enelion Lumina App will allow you to manage the charger conveniently. By connecting the additional Enelion Energy Guard, it will be possible to balance the power consumption between the charger and your home devices.

enelion lumina
Enelion Lumina

The advantages of Enelion Lumina


Top quality design


Power balancing* (DLB)


installation process


In various colour and material options

Charge control - smart ev charging

by the user thanks to the mobile app

User Friendly

Friendly for the user

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