Enelion Wallbox Duo

Two-socket car charging point

The Enelion Wallbox Duo is a two-socket car charging point. The device is capable of dynamically sharing the power between the two connected cars to optimize the charging process.

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Enelion Wallbox Duo

Advanced design

The design of the device allows for any configuration of connecting the power cables from the top or bottom of the charger. The output power for Wallbox Duo is 7.4 kW per socket, and for Wallbox Duo Power and Adspace it is 22 kW per socket.

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Enelion Wallbox Duo

Duo series Walboxes provide convenience use — two charging points in one housing. Possibility to set up the authorization via RFID card or without authorization. Additionally, Wallbox Adspace may have illuminated the customer's logo in the middle of the housing.

enelion wallbox duo
Enelion Wallbox Duo

The advantages of Enelion Wallbox Duo

GSM, WiFi, ethernet Communication

Enelion chargers can be connected to the network of up to 90 charging stations.

Easy installation

Housing allows freedom in confguration of power grid cabling

Enelion Bridge

Increase your charging stations abilities

Office Car Park

Easy installation in a convenient garage space


Possibility to integrate with parking payment systems

Wallbox duo Power

Provides user access to two 22kW power outlets each

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