wallbe® Premium

Its slim design makes it more convenient to use.

This is the process by which sophisticated charging technology is developed. The slim profile and small footprint of the wallbe® Premium are compelling arguments in its favour. Due to its high-quality finish and unique design possibilities, this model is a charging station with genuine original features.

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The simple-to-use application with a premium appearance

The wallbe® Premium is the ideal marriage of cutting-edge technology and high-end design. The powder-coated aluminum charging pole is not only attractive but also functional. As a result, the wallbe® Premium is the ideal vehicle for your company's fleet and the personal vehicles of your employees and customers. In addition, the clean lines and high-quality design of the wallbe® Premium make it suitable for installation in any of your locations.

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The wallbe® Premium features rugged housing for maximum protection, while the lightweight accessory and pre-attached charging pole simplify the setup. All electrical components are contained within the building in a separate outer box.

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The advantages of wallbe® Premium

Made in Germany

Our winning formula includes the finest ingredients, the strictest quality standards, and cutting-edge technology.

Premium appereance

The wallbe Premium looks fantastic wherever it is placed thanks to its clean lines and high-quality design, which includes LED lighting.

Compact design

Charging technology enclosed in a rugged, secure casing.

Simple to use

The straightforward billing and approval procedures ensure maximum convenience.

Unit located outdoors

All electrical components are located within the structure for increased security (vandalism, etc.) and ease of maintenance.

Flexible scalability

Additional charging stations can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure using the wallbe system.

The characteristics of wallbe® Premium

The assurance of accurate, transparent electricity recording.


Cable/socket for charging

2 x type 2 sockets are included as standard; a type 1 or type 2 cable is optional.


assessment of the charge

2 x 3.7kW to 22kW - 16A single phase 230V to 32A three-phase 400V

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Without authorization, optional: application, RFID, in conjunction with Master

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Ethernet RJ45 interfaces are standard.


Protection from fuses

Residual current detection DC>6mA following IEC61851 / Detection/release of load contact welding in a power failure.



Conforms to IEC 61851 Mode 3, CE


Color scheme Template

One-of-a-kind design


Post dimensions / weight:

H120cm x W15cm x D15cm, approximately 10-12kg; base dimensions: H30cm x W30cm



Made in Germany origin - www.wallbe.de


Temperature range / degree of protection

-20°C to +55°C / IP 54

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