wallbe® PRO

Easy adaptability that never fails to deliver.

Due to the wallbe®, Pro's compact dimensions can be mounted on a wall or in a freely covered column, providing total flexibility, convenience, and simplicity. The wallbe® Pro is simple to install and configure to your specifications. Additionally, you can include a colour or design of your choice. Finally, a portable charging station station.

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The all-purpose all-rounder

The wallbe® Pro has earned a reputation for adaptability, agility, and ease of use. The charging station is constructed of sturdy steel and can be used for various purposes. Prefabricated mounting aids and foundations facilitate installation regardless of whether you prefer a wall or a stand-alone column.

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Wallbe® Pro is available with a range of warranty options and can be operated via key, RFID-enabled on-off switch, or even a smartphone app. Wallbe® Pro is the ideal solution for managing public charging points because it integrates our innovative services such as Remote Services and Accounting.

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The payment system enables the measurement and accounting for billing procedures.


Ideal for fleet management requirements.

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The entire load and charge cycle can be managed.

The advantages of wallbe® PRO


Our winning formula includes the finest ingredients, strict quality controls, and cutting-edge technology.

The design is compact.

Billing technology is housed in a durable, secure, and cost-effective housing solution.

Installation is quick and easy.

For ease of installation, our solutions are delivered pre-wired with prefabricated assembly aids and foundations.

Simple to Operate.

Simple billing and approval procedures ensure great convenience.

Cable routing in an efficient manner

Charger cables are available in straight and spiral configurations to accommodate various applications.

Adaptable scalability

Utilizing the wallbe® system, additional charging stations can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

The characteristics of wallbe® PRO

The assurance of accurate, transparent electricity recording.


Cable / socket for charging

Type 2 socket + grounded "Schuko" socket as standard; type 2 or type 1 cable as an option.



3.7kW to 22kW - 16A single-phase 230V to 32A three-phase 400V chargers

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On/off button, optional: key switch, RFID, application



Ethernet RJ45 interfaces are standard.


Protection from fuses

Residual current detection DC>6mA following IEC61851 / Detection/release of load contact welding in the event of a power failure.



Conforms to IEC 61851 Mode 3, CE


Template colour:

white or optional: custom design


Dimensions / mass

H35cm x W35cm x D17cm, approx. 12kg; H125cm x W56cm x D20cm, approx. 23 kg.



Made in Germany origin - www.wallbe.de


Temperature range / protection degree

-20°C to +55°C / IP 54

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