wallbe® Sun4Charge

The sun's energy provides you with the power you require.

The wallbe® Sun4Charge sunshade makes a strong statement. The roof generates energy for electric vehicles, protects them while charging, and serves as an external symbol of your environmental commitment. SunbeCharge is a patented "all-in-one" solution from wallbe® that enables you to invest in the future of electric propulsion on a cutting-edge and long-term basis.

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With expert double performance

The wallbe® Sun4Charge provides environmentally-friendly charging beneath a sunroof that is easily accessible from all sides and features two standard loads for electric vehicles. If grounded Schuko sockets are required for charging electric bicycles or scooters, they can be installed. Sun4Charge powered by wallbe® enables more convenient, secure, and intelligent electrical mobility.

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Galvanized steel construction is highly space-efficient. All electrical components and controls are contained within the pillar. This solution is ideal for direct connection to all standard back-end systems and can be installed in public areas, customer parking lots, or corporate fleet warehouses. Utilization of charging power can be billed directly to the user's cost centre via recognition processes such as RFID, mobile applications, touch screen, or keys.

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The advantages of wallbe® Sun4Change

Made in Germany

Our winning formula includes the finest ingredients, the strictest quality standards, and cutting-edge technology.

Compact design

Billing technology is housed in a durable, secure, and cost-effective housing solution.

Installation is quick and easy.

Our solutions are delivered pre-wired with prefabricated assembly aids and foundations for ease of installation.

Simple operation

Simple billing and approval procedures ensure great convenience.

Cable routing in an efficient manner

Charger cables are available in straight and spiral configurations to accommodate various applications.

Adaptable scalability

Utilizing the wallbe® system, additional charging stations can be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

The characteristics of wallbe® Sun4Charge

The assurance of accurate, transparent electricity recording.


Areas of application

Solar car for e-cars, e-bikes, or scooters



Scopes Monopylly Editions or Y-Fork Editions


Solar power

Solar photovoltaic module (60 cells, 250 W), 2.25 kWp converter


The scheme of colours

Every RAL colour is available.

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The installation's location

Snow load zone 2 and loading zone 2 in version A / Version B: up to 1,500 metres above sea level, zone 4 for wind loads, and zone 3 for snow loads.


There is no maintenance required.

Galvanized steel that resists corrosion



Constructing an Easy-to-Assemble System



With straightforward and static designs.

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