wallbe® To Go

While you're on the go, your portable charger keeps your phone charged

Everything you'll need for your trip is in a single box: The wallbe® To Go offers charging flexibility of up to 22 kW. The housing incorporates all components necessary for charging via 32A 400V CEE sockets. If you pack wallbe® To Go, you'll always have the best connection for the most extended period.

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Mobile phone charging station

Even if your destination lacks modern electric vehicle charging stations, wallbe® To Go enables you to set your car via 32A 400V CEE power outlets. The charging cable is sufficiently long to span significant distances between the socket and the charging point.

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A rugged metal housing protects the portable charger's technology. Turn on the key switch to authorise charges. Due to its exceptional ease of use, this mobile solution with an integrated energy metre is the ideal support system.


The advantages of wallbe® To Go

Protected and portable

Automatic circuit breaker of the FI type with built-in DC detection.

Compact design

Billing technology is housed in a durable, secure, and cost-effective housing solution.

Installation is quick and easy

Our solutions are delivered pre-wired with prefabricated assembly aids and foundations for ease of installation.

Simple operation

Simple billing and approval procedures ensure great convenience.

Cable routing in an efficient manner

Charger cables are available in straight and spiral configurations to accommodate various applications.


Our winning formula includes the finest ingredients, strict quality controls, and cutting-edge technology.

The characteristics of wallbe® To Go

The assurance of accurate, transparent electricity recording.


Cable/socket for charging standard

A charging cable of type 2 with a length of 4 metres; optional: a charging socket of type 2.


Power cord

4x5x6mm2 22kW 32A 400V CEE power supply cable

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Billing rating

Up to 22kW 32A 3-phase 400V charging


Release / approval

Switched closed

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Flexibly adjustable charging current. Use of 11kW 16A 400V CEE sockets with CEE 16A on CEE 32A adapter possible. (CHARGING CURRENT MUST BE LIMITED TO 16A IN THIS CASE!)


Protection from fuses Integrated RCM module

Detection of residual DC current in accordance with IEC61851 / Detection and release of load contact welding in the event of a power failure



Conforms to IEC 61851-1 Standard 3.


Combination of colours

Black RAL 9017


Dimensions / weight

X 35cm x W 35cm x D 17cm, approx. 12 kg



Made in Germany origin - www.wallbe.de



We only use high-quality German components. For instance, the Phoenix Contact charging cable.


Type of security/protection

Metal enclosure, IP54 - suitable for use both indoors and out

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